Donations and Fees

Activity Fees

Activity fees are a compulsory payment that covers teaching related activities and expenses, for example a year’s activity fees will cover most entry fees and a majority of school outdoor trips for the entire year. Activity fees will be set out at the beginning of the year, (or two weeks after enrolment) and should be paid within the month unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Principal. As activity fees are curriculum related, a donation receipt will be issued, to allow a donation claim to be made at the end of each financial year, 31 March.

School Donation

Parents are invited to contribute to the enrichment of their child’s education through the payment of a school donation. Because this is recognized as a donation it is not compulsory. Donations can be paid per term. Forms regarding school and activity donations, and Religious Instruction are given out at the beginning of the year to each family. The donation form is also loaded as a resource under the newsletter file online

ASB Online Payment Information

If you would like to make internet payments for any money owing, the school bank account details are as follows:

ASB Hornby 12 3441 0013126 00 please use your surname as a reference