Agricultural Club

During their time at Kirwee Model School, all pupils have the opportunity to participate in Agricultural Club Projects, which include judging of pets and gardens.

About the programme:

The Kirwee School Agricultural Programme is made up of three parts. Students are awarded points for:

  • having a pet at pet day;

  • completing a project book;

  • creating and maintaining a garden.

When students accumulate a certain number of points over their time at Kirwee, they are awarded Agriculture Club awards. These awards are presented to children at the last Celebration Hui of the year.

Awards and Points:

Agriculture Badge - 30 points

Red Bar - 60 points

Green Bar - 90 points


Our Pet Day is usually held in November. Community members are invited to judge children’s pets. They award points for three different categories - knowledge, care and attention, and leading and handling. Children can also present written work which is judged by the class teacher. A maximum of 4 points can be awarded in each category.

In addition, students create pet projects on the pet they intend to bring to pet day. If they are not bringing a pet they could complete a project on either a pet they would like in the future, or an animal they would like to know more about. They are awarded points for two different categories: content and presentation. A maximum of 4 points can be awarded in each category.


Children are encouraged to prepare flower or vegetable gardens for judging by class teachers towards the end of Term 4. Gardens are also judged on quality of the garden and student’s knowledge . A maximum of 4 points can be awarded in each category.

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