Home Learning

Our Expectations

Our home learning has been developed after review, including making use of current research about what works, past experience and feedback from children, parents and teachers.

We respect that families have different values and expectations with regards to home learning and have developed a system that outlines what we believe is essential home learning and provides a range of additional activities, if you choose. This system allows flexibility for families, acknowledging extracurricular activities many children are involved in outside of school.

We believe that reading is essential. We suggest children should be reading each night (minimum of 5 nights per week). Use the following guide to determine how long your child should be reading for. This is a guide and outlines what we think should be a minimum – depending on the ability and interests of your child, you may lengthen this time, however we suggest you only do that if your child is happy to read on!

  • Pūkeko - 5 -10 minutes

  • Pīwakawaka - 10 minutes

  • Kāhu - 10 -15 minutes

Below are links to further support home learning.

All Learning Spaces





  • Maths Games (variety of online activities for early number concepts)



  • Mathletics (your child has a username and password)


Studyladder - Literacy support for your child has a username and password

EPIC - Online library - school access only and families can choose can pay for a subscription for home access.